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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tutorial Installing Smartpls Software

Based on the information that contained on the smartpls websites, known that SmartPLS is a software application for (graphical) path modeling with latent variables (LVP). The partial least squares (PLS)-method is used for the LVP-analysis in this software.

In the download area, the first beta-version is accessible (free of charge). A registration is required! The following new features are presented in the new release SmartPLS 2.0 (beta):

  • a completely re-engineered software application using the JAVA Eclipse Platform,
  • the option to easily extend the functionality of SmartPLS by JAVA Eclipse Plug-ins, and
  • a SmartPLS community to discuss all software and PLS related topics with other users and experts.

This is very useful software for do some research, especially if you want to do research in management. How to get this software? Based on information on the site, these are 4 steps how to get smartpls 2:

Step 1
Register with your TRUE IDENTITY in the SmartPLS Forum. You receive an E-Mail with your USSERNAME and PASSWORD.

Step 2
Your registration is CHECKED by the administrators. If approved (this is usually the case) your profile is ACTIVATED and you receive another E-Mail with your ACTIVATION KEY for the SmartPLS 2 software application.

Step 3
Log into the SmartPLS Forum (with your USSERNAME and PASSWORD) and get the SmartPLS 2 software application, sample data files, sample models as well as a video based user manual in the DOWNLOAD area.

Step 4
INSTALL/UNZIP the application on your computer system and START it. For the first start, you need to copy and paste your ACTIVATION KEY (that you received via E-Mail) into the SmartPLS 2 activation window.

Why register?

The SmartPLS community platform hosts different forums in order to provide information on SmartPLS and PLS-based LVP. These forums are not accessible for non registered persons. We insist on a “real world” user identity to ensure the professional and profound exchange of information.

Since summer 2010, the SmartPLS software application for PLS path modeling has more than 20,000 registered users.

If you want to register it now, kindly please click here
Till I post this article, I still try to understanding this software. One important thing before you run this application, you should have installing Java Environment on your computer or notebook. I try to search the handbook of smartpls on the internet. The best handbook of smartpls I will share it on my blog as soon as possible. Thanks

Friday, December 17, 2010

Introduction to Management Information System

Right now I will discuss and sharing to you about the Management Information System course. This course is taught at universities that have a major in management. Hopefully this simple article can give benefit to all of us.

What is The Meaning of System?
The system is an interconnected group of components, working together to achieve a common goal by accepting inputs and producing outputs in an orderly process of transformation.

Management Information System
Management Information System is a series of sub-systems are comprehensive and coordinated information that rationally able to transform that data into information in various ways to improve productivity in accordance with the style and nature of managers

Theoretically, the computer is not an absolute prerequisite for a Management Information System, but in practice seems to be a belief that a good Management Information System will not run smoothly without the help of the ability of a computer.

Download the full article of Management Information System (Introduction), click here

Friday, November 19, 2010

Simple Linear Regression

Regression analysis is a very valuable tool for today's manager. Regression has been used to model such things as the relationship between level of education and income, the price of a house and the square footage, and the sales volume for a company relative to the dollars spent on advertising. When business are trying to decide which location is best for a new store or branch office, regression models are often used. Cost estimation models are often regression models. The applicability of regression analysis virtually limitless.
There are generally two purposes for regression analysis. The first is to understand the relationship between variables such as advertising expenditures and sales. The second purposes is to predict the value of one variable based on the value of the other.
The simple linear regression model will first be developed, and then a more complex multiple regression model will be used to incorporate even more variables into our model. In any regression model, the variable to be predicted is called the dependent variable or response variable. The value of this is said to be dependent upon the value of an independent variable, which is sometimes called an explanatory variable or a predictor variable.
In any regression model, there is an implicit assumption (which can be tested) that a relationship exist between the variables. There is also some random error that cannot be predicted. The underlying simple linear regression model is:
Y = b0 + b1X + error
Y = dependent variable (response variable)
X = independent variable (predictor variable or explanatory variable)
bo = intercept (value of Y when X = 0)
b1 = slope of regression line
error = random error
Download statistics handout of Simple Linear Regression, here. Full version and it's free.
Distance Learning Business and Management on Statistics object. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Minitab for Binomial Distribution

Life is uncertain, we are not sure what the future will bring
Risk and probability is a part of our daily lives
Probability is a numerical statement about the likelihood that an event will occur
The probability, P, of any event or state of nature occurring is greater than or equal to 0 & less than /equal to 1. That is:

0 <= P (event) <= 1

The sum of the simple probabilities for all possible outcomes of an activity must equal 1

The Binomial Distribution
Many business experiments can be characterized by the Bernoulli process
The Bernoulli process is described by the binomial probability distribution
  1. Each trial has only two possible outcomes
  2. The probability stays the same from one trial to the next
  3. The trials are statistically independent
  4. The number of trials is a positive integer 
The binomial distribution is used to find the probability of a specific number of successes out of n trials. Minitab software could helps us about calculating binomial distribution.
If you need tutorials how to use Minitab to calculate binomial distribution, I give you free tutorial how to use it.
To download Minitab tutorial about Binomial Distribution, Please Click Here

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Describe the quantitative analysis approach
  • Understand the application of quantitative analysis in a real situation
  • Describe the use of modeling in quantitative analysis
  • Use computers and spreadsheet models to perform quantitative analysis
  • Discuss possible problems in using quantitative analysis
  • Perform a break-even analysis
  • Mathematical tools have been used for thousands of years
    Quantitative analysis can be applied to a wide variety of problems
    It’s not enough to just know the mathematics of a technique
    One must understand the specific applicability of the technique, its limitations, and its assumptions
Examples of Quantitative Analyses
  • Dzikri Cell company saved over $150 million using forecasting and scheduling quantitative analysis models
  • XYZ television increased revenues by over $200 million by using quantitative analysis to develop better sales plans
  • Ali Baba Airlines saved over $40 million using quantitative analysis models to quickly recover from weather delays and other disruptions
What is Quantitative Analysis?
Quantitative analysis is a scientific approach to managerial decision making whereby raw data are processed and manipulated resulting in meaningful information
  • Quantitative factors might be different investment alternatives, interest rates, inventory levels, demand, or labor cost
  • Qualitative factors such as the weather, state and federal legislation, and technology breakthroughs should also be considered
Information may be difficult to quantify but can affect the decision-making process
Defining the Problem
Need to develop a clear and concise statement that gives direction and meaning to the following steps
This may be the most important and difficult step
  • It is essential to go beyond symptoms and identify true causes
  • May be necessary to concentrate on only a few of the problems – selecting the right problems is very important
  • Specific and measurable objectives may have to be developed
Developing a Model
Quantitative analysis models are realistic, solvable, and understandable mathematical representations of a situation
  • Models generally contain variables (controllable and uncontrollable) and parameters
  • Controllable variables are generally the decision variables and are generally unknown
  • Parameters are known quantities that are a part of the problem
Acquiring Input Data

Input data must be accurate – GIGO rule
Data may come from a variety of sources such as company reports, company documents, interviews, on-site direct measurement, or statistical sampling

Monday, October 11, 2010

Download Slide STK 511

For all my friend, you can easily download slide of STK 511 (Statistics lessons)
Download Slide Tutorial, click here
Download Slide Distribution Probability, click here

Thank you, for visiting my blog
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Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are three files statistics lecture materials, lesson on September 24, 2010. This files I dedicated special for all my friends on IPB Graduate School. Sorry if I am late to upload it and also sorry if my blog contain a lot of ads...
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DOWNLOAD Statistics Descriptive Slide, Click Here
DOWNLOAD Dummy Questionnaire, Click Here
DOWNLOAD Data Dummy Questionnaire, Click Here

If you have any comment, or if you feel it is so difficult to download it, you can send me your e-mail. Thanks

Friday, September 3, 2010

Training Ourselves Patience

Have you ever heard the term "Patience People loved the Lord"? I am sure you must have heard it before. My article today is about patience and how to train ourselves patience. I though this article from various sources on the internet. Hopefully this post can give benefit to me and to you.
Patience is an important trait that allows us to persevere and remain focused in matters of daily living. Here are some exercises to help you train your patience.
First Exercise:
1. Take a piece of cardboard, about the size of a large sheet of 8x11 in paper.
2. Cut a hole in the cardboard, about the size of an ink-stain (about an inch in diameter)
3. Seat yourself comfortably, then take the cardboard by the lower rim between your thumb and index finger, the arm well extended out from the body
4. Look through the ink-stain on the paper so the stain is exactly enclosed, with none of the white surface appearing to the eye. Focus all your attention on the hole you made, and let not a speck of white appear to your eyes.
5. For the first few times you practice this, do not exceed twenty seconds. After you gain more experience, you may extend the time, little by little. Do not exceed 20 seconds on your first few trials.
6. The key is to be very exact in this experiment, with no speck of white appearing to the eye during the exercise

Second Exercise:
1. Similar to the First Exercise, only this time take a sheet of paper instead of a piece of cardboard.
2. Do as in the First Exercise. You must try to keep the paper stiff while trying to focus your eyes on the hole. If the paper bends, try the exercise over again. Do the same exercise as in the First Exercise, but with the additional challenge of keeping the paper stiff.

Third Exercise:
1. Trace a straight horizontal line on a wall
2. Fill a glass of water to a third of an inch of the brim, and hold it toward the bottom, so that the water will be on a level with the line traced on the wall
3. You must ensure that the surface of the water will not deviate from the line
4. Hold the glass at arm's length from the body till you fell tired.
5. With practice, this exercise can be done without the slightest stirring of water. Gradually increase the duration you can do this

Fourth Exercise:
1. Fill the glass now to the very top and repeat the Third Exercise. Now fill the glass full of water...
2. If the water overflows, try again

Fifth Exercise:
1. After filling the glass to the brim, hold it up from the bottom by the thumb and fourth finger for two seconds. Fill the glass full to the brim
2. Move it slowly from right to left, keeping its brim level with the line on the wall.

After five exercises that I inform you, now I will inform you, some tips are useful in trying the exercises that I has been give to you.
1. The very first few times you try these exercises, you might fail. Do not let it discourage you. Try again.
2. Perseverance in trying these exercises will eventually help you overcome your nervousness, as you will have much occasion dealing with this during your repeated trials

Alright, I think enough for this times. Hopefully I can continue again next time, sharing knowledge to you all, as a part of my purposes to make this Distance Learning Business and Management blogs.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Linguistic devices (Part 1)

Linguistic devices
Like most languages in the world, Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) written in Latin characters. There are two known forms of the Latin alphabet, ie roman and italic letters. Latin characters can be displayed in a thin, thick and capital.
Roman letters always stand up straight so that the handwriting is so often referred to as "printed". In the world of printing and typing this letter shapes that always used the principle of obedience. Unless otherwise specified, roman letters (especially those who look skinny), almost always can be used for anything else.
Italics, or italic known, is shown in italic letters and shapes, such as handwriting. Italics are also called cursive letters. If typed or handwritten, the slope is marked by a single bottom line. Italics are used in the nine following:
1. Foreign words and phrases in many languages to survive spelling: ad hoc, et al, in vitro
2. Constants and variables that are unknown in mathematics. For example (x, y, l)
3. Name of ship or satellite. For example KRI Macan Tutul, Apollo 11
4. The word or term that was introduced for a special discussion, for example kakas, citraan
5. The word or phrase that is emphasized, for example ... it is not justified (hal itu tidak dibenarkan)
6. notice of cross-references in the index: see (lihat), see also (lihat juga)
7. Titles of books or periodicals mentioned in the article body: Biological
8. Artificial sounds: From the nest of the bird's chirping sound tu-ju-pu-lu-tu-ju-pu-lu
9. scientific names, such as genus, species, varieties and form creature: Salacca zalacca var, amboinese. however, the scientific name of taxon above genus level was not written with italic letters: Felidae, Moraceae, Mucorales.

Thus we learn the material this time I publish on my Distance Learning Business and Management blogs, hopefully we can continue on a future occasion.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Robbery incident with hypnotic mode in Bandar Lampung Indonesia

Some day I saw the news on television that is on TVOne, about a robbery incident with hypnotic mode. Television broadcast CCTV footage of robbery incident that occurred in Bandar Lampung in a very clear mini market.Seen on tape, there are some people who entered a supermarket in groups, then do a hypnotist to employees at the supermarket. As a result, the employees had become unconscious, so obey all the desire of these criminals. Flock criminals asked employees of mini market to spend money in the safe box, not only that, the criminals also took some stuff from his store.

I read the latest news on the internet aware that Metro Jaya Regional Police are still tracing herd suspected of committing a series of robberies with a hypnotic method some time ago in Bandar Lampung. They are citizens of foreign origin of Syria and Iran, named Memed Sahdi and Hedi Waridan. "Both men," said Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya, Kombes Pol. Boy Rafli Amar on Thursday, August 26, 2010.

While undergoing the process of police investigation, two suspects chose silence. "Still want to talk, do not acknowledge as existing players such as the CCTV footage. So, we still find out," as presented by the Boy. Meanwhile, a woman who suspects caught on CCTV camera wearing a white veil, still chased by the police. Its identity was known to the authorities. His name initials 'A'.
To be spared from evil hypnosis, we must continuously enhance our faith in God. For a Muslim, this can be done with the dhikr of Allah SWT always, pray and ask God Almighty that we should always be protected from harm. Dhikr is a personal shield for a Muslim. Indonesia Hot News so this time I publish on the blog of Business and Management Distance Learning

Horrible, many illegal firearms circulating in society

Horrible, many illegal firearms circulating in society

Some time later this increasingly rife Action robbery using firearms in various regions of the Republic of Indonesia. Reckless and egregious actions of the gunman that police have made plans to pull a firearm that is currently circulating in the community.

Then the question we are together, what is the exact number of firearms currently circulating widely in the community? According to Chief of Police Public Information Division, Commissioner of Police Large Marwoto Soeto, the number of firearms that have been circulating in the community received permission that number reached tens of thousands.

"This type of non-organic weapons that are allowed to use people for self-defense is a firearm 25 caliber pistols and revolvers, 32, and 22. The number is up to August was 17 983 pieces," said Marwoto at Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday, August 25, 2010.

Marwoto added that firearms are circulating in civil society that is also owned by private security institutions. The numbers in the thousands. "Which is owned by institutions such as security guards, which reaches 4699 registered shoots," he conveys.

However, the number of guns in circulation much more than that registered in the Police. More than 18,000 pieces. "The number of firearms that can permit it, but it is not official, I do not know," he said.

According to him, the use of firearms by the public was allowed to defend themselves. Use it with a requirement under the organic standards of the Police. "Can I get a permit the use of weapons of origin under the standards Police," he said.
This news article I got from a source VIVAnews, I present in English with the aim of improving educational quality human resources in Indonesia, particularly in improving the ability in English.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mike Tyson Crying in Holy Land

A few days ago I read a news on the internet, about the former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. Former world heavyweight boxing champion, Mike Tyson was reportedly crying when he visited the Masjid al-Nabawi in Madina, Saudi Arabia. Tyson also reported doing 'Umrah in Mecca, on Sunday, July 4, 2010.

Tyson stepped on the Holy Land for the first time on Friday, July 2, 2010. A strong man is aged 44 years and then immediately perform a number of activities, including the conduct of worship in the Masjid al-Nabawi. As quoted by the Saudi Gazette on Monday, July 5, 2010, Mike Tyson was staying at a hotel near Masjid Al-Nabawi and extraordinary acclaim from his fans.

The former boxer who got the nickname 'The Neck Concrete' is getting very tight guard when he Dhuhr prayers. Mike Tyson said that he had a profound spiritual experience during the extraordinary in Saudi Arabia.

"I'm happy to have fans who love me here (Saudi Arabia). But, I really hope they leave me alone to enjoy a spiritual moment in the Holy Land. I am not authorized to tears when I learned
that I was in one of the gardens of paradise, "he said by Tyson when he visited the Masjid Al-Nabawi.

Tyson who converted to Islam while still in prison in the mid-1990s, then changed clothes to wear ihram to perform Umrah in Mekah. After finished doing 'Umrah in Mecca, a former boxer who has a Muslim name Malik Abdul Aziz is also scheduled to visit Jeddah, Abha and Riyadh.
Thus I re-write this article, sourced from which I access on Tuesday, August 24, 2010.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Qory Sandioriva Video on YouTube

A few days ago I visited a video sharing site that is YouTube. It turns out that the site was no splashy video and become a conversation. The YouTube video is a video that shows the preliminary round in the Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant by Miss Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva, which turned out to get tough criticism. This is due in the play offs where Qory must answer a few questions submitted by the jury with using the English language that can not be answered properly and smoothly by Qory. In fact, some comments on the site that mention the extreme if Qory can not speak English. I think that comment was too harsh and inappropriate.
Qory Sandioriva video on YouTube that was posted on August 15 has been viewed over 23 thousand times and get hundreds of comments from visitors to the site. There are a variety of comments, ranging from insulting to give moral support to Qory.

I think it could happen probably because it was too groggy or for other reasons, Qory answer the question with an English interviewer that is not too good. Qory Sandioriva which is the winner of Puteri Indonesia 2010 contest was in my opinion has a good ability in speaking English. High pressure level contests in the world can cause a person to become nervous and can not show their best performance. This is common as human beings, all people may experience nervous when in a tense atmosphere. Nevertheless I hope that events like this can be minimized from the start, so mentally in a match at international contests can become more resilient. Indonesia Hot News so this time I told you, hopefully we can take lessons from this incident there in order to improve the quality of our education.

Fast Learning and Understanding Science With Online Tutorials

Education is so important for our life, so we have to study well for our bright future. Studying science in biology, chemistry and natural science is very interesting and fun. However, not infrequently we hear the other person feel difficulty in understanding it. I think this is fair enough, because sometimes on some of the discussion was very difficult and need guidance to learn well and exactly right. Some of student complained about the difficulty of doing science homework, so they desperately need science homework help so they can complete learning tasks so getting satisfactory value from their teachers or lecturers. Some of my friends also had told me that they sometimes have difficulties in understanding science. Even they also say if they really want to learn not only about science but also about balancing equations because it is very interesting science to be studied and understood.
I personally also love the science of learning about the Ionic compounds, I often read books that can explain about it. But sometimes I also find it difficult to understand, because the study relied only accompanied by a book without a reliable tutor, I feel pretty difficult. My partner is somewhat different, he told me that he is interested to learn Nitric acid. My colleague told me that she finds very enjoyable way of learning, is online learning guided by expert tutors. My colleague advised me to visit the site He said this site has an excellent tutorial services and view an interesting site. I was curious and tried to visit this site several days later. Wow very interesting concept of educational tutorials that they offer to their customers. Where previously I had difficulty in learning, then I am sure through the tutorial services from this site, all my difficulties in learning will be resolved.
My lecturer once asked me about the term Homogeneous mixture, then after I visited this site, I can do an online consultation so that I can find answers to questions submitted by my lecturer. Amazing, this site is truly amazing ... not only that .. This site can also give information to me about Heterogeneous mixture. View of the tremendous benefits offered by this site to the tutorials you who need guidance in education from tutors who are skilled, I highly recommend you to immediately visit the site. However, it is before you decide to join you must have really read in detail all the rules they set in those sites. I think with this online tutorial, you will get fast learning and understanding science that absolutely will makes your future brighter.. I hope so, Insya Allah.

Online Tutorial, Practical and Fun

We often hear and see people who complain and find it difficult to learn and understand the quantitative sciences such as mathematics, algebra, calculus and physics. This may be because the field of quantitative science requires high concentration and high intelligence or intellectual. Difficulty in learning and understanding person field of quantitative science such as the above, I think is caused by several things, that is as follows:
1. Boring teaching methods
2. Teachers who are not professional
3. Learning tool or a means of limited education
Currently the development of computer information technology and the Internet, growing very rapidly. I think this can have positive impacts on the system and ways of learning a quantitative science (mathematics, algebra, calculus and physics), becomes easier, more enjoyable, and relatively cheaper cost. One way of learning and the educational system currently being developed is a method of distance education using the Internet. A few days ago I get information about a site that organizes online education in the field of quantitative science. When I get that information, I immediately visited and read some of the information contained on the site. The site was named From the domain name alone we may be able to guess that the site is a site which provides services in various fields of science tutorial education. This website provides Math Help those of us who need guidance in science and math tutorials, in a more effective and more efficient. Math Help Through this service, we will be guided by expert tutors and professionals in the field of mathematics, so that Math Problems that we face will be resolved properly.
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Great and amazing ... we can learn a lot of science with just using the services provided by this site. If you need algebra help then you will get help in the field of algebra from professional tutors from this site. This site guarantees to provide their best services to assist your learning. Not only the algebra, and even if you need calculus help, then you will get the best tutorial services from this site. I watched the look of this site in detail, and I think this site has an attractive appearance and easy to understand. Very impressive ... I got fascinated by seeing the benefits of the program of education tutorial services offered by this site, even they also can give physics help services with professional and satisfying its customers. I highly recommend you to visit this site, and find as much information in accordance with your needs.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

malaysian police do some provocative: do arrest Three Indonesian peoples and shoot them

Diplomatic relations between the two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia re-heated. Malaysia detained three Indonesian fisheries inspection officer after the arrest of seven events that stole Malaysian fishermen fish in waters of the Republic of Indonesia.

On Sunday night, dated August 15, 2010, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia namely Mr. Fadel Muhammad, accompanied by the Directorate General of Monitoring and Control of Marine Resources and Fisheries (P2SDKP) namely Mr. Aji Sularso provide information about the incident.

Both incidents memamaparkan chronological events based on a report the Police Directorate of Kasi Bin Gakkum Polda Riau Islands Waters, Adjunct Commissioner Ade Kuncoro. The report is based on the testimony of Supervisory Fishery Hermanto Tanjung Balai Karimun. Here is the sequence or chronology:

On Friday, dated August 13, 2010 at 10:30 pm, Supervisory Fishery Tanjung Balai Karimun Dolphin Boat 015 prepare to Batam to conduct joint patrols. Batam fisheries supervisors received information from the public there is a foreign-flagged fishing vessel fishing in Malaysian waters about rafting.

At approximately 14:00 pm, boat manned by three members of the Dolphin 015 DKP Satker Tanjung Balai Karimun, to go to Batam.

At 19:00 AM, 015 Ship Dolphin to move to the location of the target. There, they spotted a foreign fishing vessel is Malaysian-flagged fishing in Indonesian waters territory. The boat was then escorted to Batam. Three officers escorted ride on the ship.

At 22:00 pm, a patrol boat suddenly facing the Malaysian Marine Police. Malaysian police ordered members of the DKP in Boat Dolphin 015 to rise above their ship. Request denied. One of the officers, Hermanto explain the Malaysian-flagged vessel were arrested because they catch fish in Indonesian waters territory. Malaysian Marine Police patrol vessel did not respond.

Then, the Marine Police Patrol Ship Malaysia issued a warning shot. 015 Dolphin Ship captain fled towards the lamp rafting. Meanwhile, foreign-flagged fishing vessel was escorted by three Malaysian men were arrested by members of the DKP Marine Police Patrol Ship Malaysia.

"The boat was too small, not armed. I have yet to check whether the officers were armed, there were armed with pistols, but not all officers are armed," continued Aji Sularso.

After the tension died down, the two ships freed prisoners negotiate with each other. However, no agreement. Each brings home detention.

Dolphin vessel arrived at Pier 015 Water Pol Dit Sekupang Batam Riau Islands Police to carry out coordination as well as reporting the incident.

Indonesian fishing vessel arrested seven nationals of Malaysia. They are Muslims Bin Mahmud, a resident of Johor, Malaysia; Roszaidy Akkub Bin, Johor residents; Ghazali Bin Wahab, a resident Renggit River, Johor, Faisal Mohammad, a resident of Johor Endau; Boh Khee soo, the people of Johor; Lim Kok Guan; and Cheng Ah choy , residents renggit River, Johor, Malaysia.

Three people mentioned above Satker members detained by the Malaysian Marine Police, Hermanto, members Satker PSDKP Tanjung Balai Karimun; Ridwan, Satker PSDKP Tanjung Balai Karimun, and Rudi, satker PSDKP Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Source article: VIVA

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ustad Abu Bakar Ba'asyir Profile

Ustad Abu Bakar Ba'asyir Profile

This time I was interested to write out and explain/describes to you about the profile of Ustad Abu Bakar Ba'asyir.
As usual, I find the information I needed through the help of the internet. The following are the results I found from searching information on the Internet, this paper, I convey to become news only information, there is no political intent or other unlawful purposes. Profile Abu Bakar Ba'asyir I found on wikipedia website ( Here is an excerpt of information:


Bashir was born in Jombang, East Java in August 17, 1938, to a family of Hadhrami Arab and Javanese descent. He was a student of Gontor Islamic boarding school in Ponorogo, graduating in 1959, before entering Al-Irsyad University, in Solo, Central Java and graduating in 1963. After time as an activist for the Islamic Student Association (Indonesian: Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam) in Solo, he was elected secretary of Al-Irsyad Youth Organization, and then president of Indonesian Islamic Youth Movement (GPII) (1961), and Indonesian Student Da'wah Organization (LDMI).[citation needed]

In 1972, Bashir founded Al-Mukmin boarding school with friends Abdullah Sungkar, Yoyo Roswadi, Abdul Qohar H. Daeng Matase and Abdllah Baraja. Al-Mukmin is located in Ngruki, near Solo, Central Java. Initially, Al-Mukmin's activities were limited to religious discussion after dhuhr (mid-day prayer). Following increasing interest, the founders expanded Al-Mukmin into Madrasah (Islamic school) and then to Pesantren (Islamic boarding school).

During President of Indonesia Suharto's New Order, Bashir and Sungkar were arrested for a number of reasons, firstly for actively supporting Sharia, the non-recognition of the Indonesian national ideology Pancasila which in part promotes religious pluralism. Secondly, the refusal of their school to salute the Indonesian flag which signified Bashir's continual refusal to recognise the authority of a secular Indonesian state. Bashir appealed but was subsequently imprisoned without trial from 1978 to 1982. Soon after his release, Bashir was convicted on similar charges; he was also linked to the bomb attack on the Buddhist monument Borobudur in 1985 but fled to Malaysia.During his years in exile Bashir undertook religious teachings in both Malaysia and Singapore. The United States government alleged that during this period he became involved with Jamaah Islamiyah, an alleged militant Islamist group. Bashir remained in exile until Indonesian President Suharto's fall in 1998. Bashir returned to Indonesia in 1999 and became a cleric, renewing his call for Sharia law.

Views and controversies

Abul Bakar Bashir has been described as the ideological godfather of Jamaah Islamiyah, even though there is not official evidence of his connection with the Islamic group. He claims to believe that Jemaah Islamiyah doesn't exist and that the CIA and Israel were behind terror attacks in Indonesia including the 2002 Bali bombings. Even after open confessions from the bombers, Bashir claimed in August 2006 that the 2002 Bali bombs were "replaced" by a "micro-nuclear" weapon by CIA. Bashir has expressed sympathy for Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, but that he didn't "agree with all of their actions," in particular "total war." He further stated "...If this occurs in an Islamic country, the fitnah [discord] will be felt by Muslims. But to attack them in their country [America] is fine." He has claimed the 9/11 attacks were a false flag attack by America and Israel as a pretext to attack Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. In a speech following the Bali attacks Bashir stated,' I support Osama bin Laden's struggle because his is the true struggle to uphold Islam.'[10]. the Indonesian islamic cleric is portrayed strongly in Western media as an extreme thinker who inspires deadly actions, however to Bashir the true terrorists are America and Israel.

He has stated his belief that Indonesia must adhere to Sharia law and has renewed his calls for an Islamic state in Indonesia.

"There is no nobler life than to die as a martyr for jihad. None. The highest deed in Islam is Jihad. If we commit to Jihad, we can neglect other deeds, even fasting and prayer".

Abu Bakar Ba’asyir, Jakarta 2005

Controversy surrounding Abul Bakar Bashir heightened in early 2008 after a sermon given by the cleric in late 2007. Bashir allegedly refers to tourists in Bali as 'worms, snakes and maggots' with specific reference to the immorality of Australian infidels. Bashir states

the young must be first at the front line, don't hide at the back. You must be at the front, dies as martyrs and all your sins will be forgiven. This is how to achieve forgiveness...'

As described by Natasha Robinson, Bashir has returned to his hardline rhetoric. His early release from prison has been described as the catalyst to his revitalised, hardline approach towards non-Muslims. Bashir's view on non-Muslims is highlighted in this statement made in East Java in 2006, 'God willing, there are none here, if there were infidels here, just beat them up. Do not tolerate them. Bashir's specific mention of Australian tourists has created uproar among Government officials and the Australian media regarding the cleric's intolerant comments. Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith views Bashir's comments in late 2007 as being full of the intolerance that has marked many of Bashir's previous speeches.

The cleric has also previously warned of severe retribution if the Bali bombers, who killed 202 people in 2002, be executed by firing squad. On 24 March 2008 the Bali bombers, who were on death row, lost almost any hope of escaping the death penalty as their lawyer, Fahmi Bachmid, withdrew from their last appeal. The Bali bombers were executed by firing squad at 12:15am on the 9th November, 2008.

Arrest and trial

In June 2002, the USA government asked Indonesia to turn over Omar Al-Faruq. Megawati's administration captured Al-Faruq and transferred him to American custody, and he was subsequently held in Bagram prison in Afghanistan.

Similarly, US State Department translator, Fred Burks revealed during Bashir's trial in Indonesia that the USA government had asked President Megawati secretly to hand-over Bashir in a meeting at Megawati's home in September 2002. Present at that meeting was US ambassador to Indonesia Ralph L. Boyce, National Security Council official Karen Brooks, and an unnamed CIA official.

Megawati refused to transfer Bashir saying, "I can't render somebody like him. People will find out".

On April 14, 2003, he was formally charged by the Indonesian government with treason, immigration violations, and providing false documents and statements to the Indonesian police. The charges are mainly related to the 2000 Christmas Eve bombings against Christian churches, which killed 18 people. In the Indonesian court, he was found not guilty of treason because the state failed to prove its case, but was found guilty on the immigration violations. In a local TV news interview, Metro TV, when asked, 'Are you truly a terrorist?'; He simply answered, 'No, I've never killed anyone.' He was sentenced to three years in prison, but the sentence was subsequently reduced to 20 months due to his good behavior in the prison.

On October 15, 2004, he was arrested by the Indonesian authorities and charged with involvement in the bomb attack on the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta on August 5, 2003, which killed 14 people. Secondary charges in the same indictment charge him of involvement in the 2002 Bali bombing, the first time he has faced charges in relation to that attack which killed 202 people. On March 3, 2005, Bashir was found guilty of conspiracy over the 2002 attacks, but was found not guilty of the charges surrounding the 2003 bombing. He was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment.

Remission and release

On 17 August 2005, as part of the tradition of remissions for Indonesia's Independence Day, Bashir's jail term was cut by 4 months and 15 days. On 14 June 2006, to cheers from his supporters waiting outside, Abu Bakar Bashir was released, having served 25+ months in Jakarta's Cipinang prison, where he held court and coordinated the publication of a commemorative book with his release. About forty bodyguards in uniform black jackets linked arms to escort Bashir through chanting crowds.

After returning to the boarding school for which he is the spiritual leader, he pledged a renewed campaign to impose Islamic sharia law on Indonesia. He also called Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, to convert to Islam in order to save him from hell and receive God's forgiveness.[18] Howard said that Australians would be "extremely disappointed, even distressed" at the news of the release. In August 2006, Bashir claimed that the 2002 Bali bombs were replaced by the American CIA with a "micro-nuclear" weapon. He also claimed the original bombs were only intended to injure people, not kill them - despite the bombers' own admissions and public testimony. In answer to one reporter's question as to what the West and the United States can do to make the world safer, Bashir replied, "They have to stop fighting Islam. That's impossible because it is sunnatullah [destiny, a law of nature], as Allah has said in the Koran. If they want to have peace, they have to accept to be governed by Islam."

On December 21, 2006, Bashir's conviction was overturned by Indonesia's Supreme Court. He publicly criticised the United Nations because he remained on the body's list of international terrorists, saying "I am terrorist number 35 on the list."

In October 2008, Bashir announced he intends to start a new Islamic group in Indonesia, "Jemaah Ansharut Tauhid" ("partisans of the oneness of God"), at the time the Indonesian government was preparing to execute the three Bali bombers. Bashir repeated his claim that a nuclear device was released by the CIA, saying the attack was conspiracy between "America, Australia and the Jews"

I hope that those allegations that Ustad Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was involved in acts of terrorism in Indonesia is not true. The information I read from newspapers and television to inform you that during this accusation that the cleric Abu Bakar Ba'asyir was involved in acts of terrorism in Indonesia is not proven. I do not understand about this problem, I just hope Indonesia became a nation of peace, progress, and all its people can live in prosperity

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Braveness of TNI INDOBAT in Lebanon

Recently I read the newspapers about two Indonesian soldiers as a members of the UNIFIL forces, preached fled during the war between Lebanon and Israel. A lot of news circulating, particularly on the internet and foreign media who preach false news and tend to speak ill of TNI (INDOBATT).
I am very proud of the courage our troops (TNI INDOBATT), they are very brave. Even when the war will happen, they bravely fought and risked their lives, tried to arbitrate the parties to a conflict.
This video is to prove to you that the TNI INDOBATT very valiantly, trying to stop the war at that time. You need to know, that moment they were alone. Where soldiers from other countries that entered the UNIFIL forces? This video is to prove to you that the TNI INDOBATT is the Indonesian national army (TNI) and the valiant knight.
I love You and We all love You TNI AD, Hiduplah Indonesia Raya... Allahu Akbar

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slash (Rock Guitarist) Photos Concert in Indonesia 2010

Recently I was so busy and do not have enough time to post an articles about distance learning business and management or about the beauties of my country, Indonesia. Today I want to share news about SLASH that held a live concert in Indonesia (Surabaya and Jakarta). I really want to watch the concert, but I do not have enough time and opportunity to watch it. From the internet ( than I found these few pictures/photos SLASH live concert in Indonesia 2010 (Surabaya and Jakarta). Hopefully these photos could describes the show (SLASH live concert in Indonesia 2010). Okay friends, proudly I write this article under labels Indonesia News and Indonesia Today.
Slash performing his guitar skills in Indonesia audience
Although this is his solo performs in Indonesia, but SLASH also play a few song from Guns and Roses
He is looks fatter than past years isn't it? But SLASH still rock the stage. He's skill is awesome, SLASH could play melody with high speed.
 In this concert, SLASH also brings Miles Kenedy (Alter Bridge Vocalist) to become his vocalist on the concert.
a few rock star like Sandy Pas Band, Kaka Slank, Andy Rif etc. also contribute on SLASH concert in Indonesia. They are perform as a opening band and they plays music so awesome. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Small Note About Tsuki, am I right?

A few days ago, I was curious at a Yahoo Messenger's account from my smart student Amelia. Amelia has a short name Amelia_Tsuki, I wondered who exactly was Tsuki?. As usual, I find out the information on the internet. After a few minutes, finally I found a little note about Tsuki. A small note about "Rabbit in the Moon", have a nice time to read this simple article.
When I started reading stories about Tsuki, I remember with a Japanese cartoon movie titled "Sailormoon". The main actors of "Sailormoon" is a girl who has the name Usagi Tsukino (in Japanese read Tsukino Usagi). I just realized that the Usagi always have items with pictures of rabbits, it was because Usagi is a rabbit in Japanese.

Usagi Tsukino is an ordinary girl before she was given the power to be Sailormoon. And as Sailormoon, she and the other sailor friends struggled to defend the truth, with the power of the moon. The famous words of Usagi / Sailormoon is "By the power of the moon, will punish you!".

At the end of the story, Sailormoon transformed into Princess Serenity (eventually became Queen Serenity), daughter of the Kingdom of the Moon. For information, Serenity is the name of the largest lakes on the Moon.

As shown, the name and location of characters in this story are related. The family name is Usagi Tsuki (Moon), he is a Sailormoon, and transformed into Princess Serenity. So what to do with Usagi (rabbit)? This question actually has arisen in my mind ten years ago, and I immediately knew the answer given by a friend.

Usagi's name is Tsukino Usagi. If we ignore the form of the kanji letters (frankly, I do not know how the form of starch from Tsukino Usagi) we will see a fragment of the word Tsuki no Usagi, or, if interpreted in Bahasa Indonesian to Rabbit Moon. Japanese people always see the RABBIT in MONTHS. Do not believe? please you see for yourself!. I've included pictures so you can look at the moon closely to find a rabbit in there.
When the Japanese see a rabbit in the moon, the Maduraneese to see a widow who was sewing in there. The widow is a mother who abandoned her child, her mother missed her son so he decided to look for her son. However, although the mother is looking for it everywhere, her son never found. Finally, he decided to sit down and sew on the moon, waiting for his son saw it and returned home to her.

Indeed cultural differences lead to differences in circulating myths. However, it does not matter as long as we can understand the moral message brought by the myths it.

Well ... now I say, "good-looking rabbit and a widow who was sewing in the month.

Note small and light to answer the curiosity of a small name Amelia_Tsuki. Was this article is correct?
Distance Learning Business and Management 

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Kuta Beach in Bali Island of Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for the beautiful and exotic tourism. There are many beautiful places in Indonesia, one of which is Kuta Beach in Bali. This beach is very beautiful and wonderful, this beach is very famous all over the world. The beach has beautiful scenery that makes people want to bask in the sun to see the sunset

Kuta Beach is a tourist spot located in the south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung Regency. This area is a tourist destination abroad, and has been a mainstay of Bali as a tourist attraction since the early 70s. Kuta Beach is often referred to as sunset beach (sunset beach) as opposed to the Sanur beach.

In Kuta there are many shops, restaurants and washing and drying themselves. Besides the beauty of its beach, Kuta beach also offers various other types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach. Rosovivo, Ocean Beach Club, Kamasutra, are some of the most crowded clubs along the beach of Kuta.

This beach also has a pretty good waves for surfing sports (surfing), especially for beginner surfers. Field I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport is located not far from Kuta. I strongly encourage you to come to Bali, Indonesia Kuta Beach, enjoy the beautiful scenery created by God, and a friendly community.

MDGs and Poverty in Indonesia

MDGs and Poverty in Indonesia
Today poverty is not just a problem in that country but has become the world's problems. Manifestation of concern for the world to poverty is the existence of the MDGs or the Millennium Development Goals, UN members agreed five years ago in a global summit which gave birth to the Millennium Declaration. Ie, a global initiative to reduce the number of poor people in the world a half in 2015.

MDGs have eight goals (goal) and 18 targets to be achieved by developing countries and developed countries. On September 4 to 16, 2005 the leaders of countries and thousands of civil society gathered at UN headquarters to attend the 60th General Session of the UN. This court has a special meaning for not just talking about the UN reform package, but also evaluate the implementation of the MDGs five years. Based on the HDR 2005, 50 countries with a population of 900 million failed to reach the MDGs. Of that amount, as many as 24 countries are in Sub-Saharan countries and Africa, while 65 other countries had failed to reach one MDG until 2040. according to the report, which bumps the achievement of MDGs is a gap occurring at the global level and within countries. Poverty reduction efforts will not be effective if the problem of poverty itself is not properly understood by policy makers.

What about the state of poverty in Indonesia related to the MDGs? The Indonesian nation has succeeded in reducing poverty levels initially increased as the impact of economic crisis in 1999. Total population under national poverty line fell from 23.4% in 1999 to 16.6% in 2004. Meanwhile, the number of residents based on income standards of less than one U.S. dollar per day also decreased from 9.2% in 2001 to 7.2% in 2002. Decrease in the number of poor people showed a positive trend, because of the efforts and cooperation of all stakeholders and the partisanship of the poor in the development implementation in Indonesia.

Problem of poverty in Indonesia was marked by low quality of life of the community as shown by the human development index (HDI) of Indonesia. In between some ASEAN countries, Indonesia is still lower than Malaysia and Thailand. Meanwhile, the human poverty index (HPI) is higher than the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

Poverty reduction is the main priority of national development policy which is also a priority of Medium Term Development Plan (Medium Term Development Plan) 2004-2009 which is expected to reduce the percentage of poor people to 8.2% in 2009. The government is currently doing steps first priority in the short term to reduce the gap between regions with some policies. First, the provision of irrigation facilities, safe water and basic sanitation, especially in the areas of scarce water resources. Second, the construction of roads, bridges and docks, especially for isolated and backward regions. Third, the redistribution of financial resources to regions that have low incomes and the instrument specific allocation fund (DAK).

The second long-term aim to expand employment opportunities and trying. That is done through the help of stimulants for venture capital funds mainly through easy access to micro and SME credit, job skills training to improve the quality of labor, increase investment and revitalization of the industry including labor-intensive industries, construction of facilities and infrastructure.

The third long-term, exclusively for fulfilling the basic rights of poor people are directly provided services, among others, by providing free education for the completion of nine-year compulsory education. To improve access and expand learning opportunities for all age children basic education, with the main target areas and the poor, remote and isolated the 2005/2006 school year the government began providing school operating costs (BOS), as a first step the implementation of free basic education.

It also provides free health care insurance for the poor in health centers and hospital grade III. With the enactment of Law No.40 of 2004 on National Social Security System, then efforts to increase access for the poor to health services be continued and further enhanced through the efforts of health care systems of poor people with health insurance that the premium paid by the government.

For the implementation of these programs, Indonesia (as a developing country) could ask for help from abroad. But developing country recipient of the facility itself must be committed to using the money correctly. Macro objectives of reducing poverty. We hope developed countries can support the unity of these programs, with the aid disbursed.

As once said Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu, Indonesia's poverty reduction programs can also be done in other ways. Investment and infrastructure development are the two things needed in the creation of labor which can ultimately solve the problem of poverty. Each area needs investment and infrastructure types are different. This is what should be regulated and government thinking.

In addition, the cultural development in Indonesia should be developed through community empowerment and active community involvements. Primarily, of course, poor communities, ranging from well development program planning and policy determination of the budget, and program implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

Laila Nadjmi
The writer is a graduate student FKM
Indonesian Universities
Published in accessed on July 14, 2010

Secrets of Starting Your Own Businesses

Science will care for us, while money may not be able to keep us, that's the message our parents first. Whether any of these skills, which obviously you have to have it. You will be more useful and appreciated by society because they have expertise.

As a simple example, if you master computer then you can empower your abilities and skills, not just to survive, but possibly as a permanent business opportunity or home business that you can develop and you can even inheritance to their children and grandchildren someday. Home business opportunity, why not? But at least you will not be a problem for anyone, let alone expect any help from such countries as the crisis hit in 1998, where the government is forced to create a social safety net policies which as we all know, the edges become sources of corruption the people who irresponsible.

Okay if you just think this is now making home business opportunities are limited in order to survive and to remain productive while looking for business opportunities or a career in one company that you think suits your interests and skills you possess. Business opportunities that you can do based on your ability in the field of computers is with a private tutor to various schools, institutions, companies or individuals. Your ability in a particular subject you can also take advantage of a small capital home-based opportunities. Moreover, you have mastered a subject which is generally considered difficult. It is also an opportunity and a small capital business opportunities. Being a small capital home-based business tentor subjects Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, music, computer and English is required. Please feel free to learn and open it again when school textbook first. Being tentor also not much need of capital. The most crucial for you have is a communication tool that can be reached wherever you are. Besides, with a small capital you have, you certainly have to prepare the syllabus and curriculum may also be in accordance with the needs of your customers.

Then how do I attract customers your home business? There may be a good idea to contact someone you know well from the school / college, start a blog and put an ad there, put an ad in a certain daily newspaper. Spread the brochure to the school, institution, or company. In a strategy to develop housing opportunities small capital, you can also put flyers in stores, food stalls, public announcements walls, and so forth. Create a need, people will not be needed if you do not even advertise it with just a small capital.

When you get a good response, it is not likely you'll be able to provide home-based business opportunities small capital to your colleagues who are also experiencing the same problem with you. Therefore, in this small capital businesses create a network that will be very beneficial for you and your colleagues. This simple example, if you are asked to give lessons in the hours that conflict with your schedule, then you can deliver Tell someone is available at the time. Thus, with prior agreement of course, you can get the fee from your colleagues. That means as a kind of cooperation mutually beneficial symbiosis or mutual ism as a term in the field of Biology. But it would be great for thinking like this; remember a wise messages; reap what you sow.
That's all for this time, I will continue the lessons about Distance Learning Business and Management next time 

Kujang, Traditional and Unique Weapon From West Java Indonesia

Kujang is a unique weapon of the West Java Indonesia. Kujang was Start made around the 8th century or the ninth, made of iron, steel prestige and material, length approximately 20 to 25 cm and weighs about 300 grams.
Kujang is a typical weapon Sunda. Replication of Kujang is in Bogor city monuments

Kujang is a tool that reflects the critical acumen and power in life also symbolizes strength and courage to protect the rights and truth. Characterizes both as weapons, farm tools, symbol, ornament, or souvenirs.

In ancient times this tool is only used by certain groups of kings, king anom, class pangiwa, panengen, religious groups, the princess and certain women's groups, and the kokolot (the old person).

Wayang Golek (Indonesian's wooden doll puppets)

On occasion now, I will discuss and share information about the Wayang Golek as an original Indonesian art and culture. As a citizen of Indonesia, I really admire the philosophy of stories that exist in each of the Wayang Golek show performances. Dalang is a person who plays each of the characters and stories in a Wayang Golek show. One of the famous Dalang from West Java is Asep Sunandar Sunarya.
Wayang golek are wooden doll puppets that are operated from below by rods connected to the hands and a central control rod that runs through the body to the head. The simple construction of the puppets belies their versatility, expressiveness and aptitude for imitating human dance. Little is known for certain about the history of wayang golek, but scholars have speculated that it most likely originated in China and arrived in Java sometime in the 17th century. Some of the oldest traditions of wayang golek are from the north coast of Java in what is called the pasisir region. This is home to some of the oldest Muslim kingdoms in Java and it is likely the wayang golek grew in popularity through telling the wayang menak stories of Amir Hamza, the uncle of Muhammad. These stories are still widely performed in Kabumen, Tegal, and Jepara as wayang golek menak, and in Cirebon, wayang golek cepak. Legendary origins of wayang golek attribute their invention to the Muslim saint Wali Sunan Kudus, who used the medium to proselytize Muslim values. In the 18th century the tradition moved into the mountains of West Java where it eventually was used to tell stories of the Ramayana and the Mahabarata in a tradition now called wayang golek purwa, which can be found in Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta. Wayang golek purwa has become the most popular form of wayang golek today and the most famous puppeteer family is the Sunarya family which has produced several generations of stellar performers.
Refference: Wikipedia

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Vacancies on Furnimart

We are a company that is engaged in the furniture retail outlets nationwide with the largest network. Currently our company is growing and requires potential candidates to fill positions that are needed as follows:

Male; Age Max 28 years for staff levels and Max 30 years for level supervisor; Education Min D3 Accounting (Staff) and Min S1 Accounting (Supervisor); Semester end or Fresh Graduate or Min 1 year experience in their field (staff) and Min 2 years (supervisor); Strong problem solving and decision making related to system / accounting processes; Communicative, have good analytical skills, detail oriented; Having a personality is active, dynamic and able to foster good interpersonal relationships; Able to work under pressure and handle multi-task; Having alacrity in accomplishing tasks; Placement in Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, East Java.

Male / Female, Max Age 30 Years; Education Minimal D3 for all majors; Own Life Entrepreneurship & Leadership; Target oriented; Store or Sales Experience managing at least one year; Having knowledge of the daily operations of the store with both; Placement in Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi; Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, East Java

Male / Female, age max 22 th; min Senior High School Education; Communicative and able to work together in teams; Target Oriented; Placement in Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, East Java

Female; Age max 25 th; Pend min SLTA; Able to operate Ms.. Office (Excel & Word); Research; Communicative and Sufficiency; Placement in Bogor, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, East Java

Send complete application letter, CV, Diploma and recent photo to:

PT Furnimart Mebelindo Sakti
Gd. Olympic Pajajaran Lt.3
Jl. Bogor No.38 Pajajaran 16 153


Or collected to the student departments of STIE Dewantara

For further informations, please download these two files below:
"Surat Pengantar"
"Informasi Lengkap"

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History of Jaipongan Dance from West Java, Indonesia

History of Jaipongan Dance from West Java, Indonesia

Jaipongan is a genre of dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira. His attention to folk art that one of them is making Tilu Tap right to know and recognize motion patterns perbendaharan dance traditions that existed at Kliningan / Bajidoran or Tap Tilu. Opening gestures, pencugan, nibakeun and several kinds of motion of several arts mincid above have enough inspiration to develop the dance or the arts that is now known by the name Jaipongan.

Prior to this performing art forms emerged, there was some influence behind the dance form this association. In West Java, for example, is the influence of social dance Ball Room, which is usually in a dance-dance association could not be separated from existence and pamogoran ronggeng. Ronggeng in social dance is no longer functioning for ceremonial events, but for entertainment or a way of hanging out. Ronggeng existence in the performing arts attraction that invites sympathy for the pamogoran. For example on Tilu Tap dance is so well known by the Sundanese people, it is estimated this art popular around the year 1916. As the folk performing arts, this art is only supported by simple elements, such as waditra that includes fiddle, drums, two kulanter, three percussion, and gongs. Similarly tarinya motions that do not have a standard pattern of motion, simple costumes dancer as a reflection of democracy.

Along with the waning of the above art forms, the former pamogoran (audience who actively participate in the performing arts Tap Tilu / Doger / Tayub) switched his attention on the performing arts Kliningan, which in the North Coast region of West Java (Karawang, Bekasi, Purwakarta, Indramayu, and Subang ) known as Kliningan Bajidoran tarinya patterns or events that the show has some similarities with the previous art (Tap Tilu / Doger / Tayub). In the meantime, the existence of mask dances in Banjet quite popular, particularly in Donegal, where several motion patterns Bajidoran taken from the dance in this Banjet Mask. In koreografis dance is still reveals patterns tradition (Tap Tilu) which contain elements of the opening gestures, pencugan, and several kinds of motion nibakeun mincid which in turn become the basis Jaipongan dance creation. Some basic motions other than Tap dance Jaipongan Tilu, Ibing Bajidor and Mask Banjet is Tayuban and Pencak Silat.

The emergence of dance works Gumbira Gugum initially called Tap Tilu developments, which are due to basic dance was developed from Tilu Tap. The first work Gugum Gumbira still very thick with color ibing Tilu Tap, both in terms of choreography and iringannya, who later became a popular dance called Jaipongan.
Jaipongan works first began to be known by the public is dance "Leaves Pulus Keser Bojong" and "Rendeng Bojong" both of which are types of dance and dance partner's daughter (son and daughter). From it emerged a few dance dancer Jaipongan a reliable name like Tati Saleh, Yeti Mamat, Eli Somali, and Pepen Dedi Kurniadi. Early emergence of these dances could be discussion, the central issue is the erotic and vulgar movements. But from the few print media exposure, starting Gumbira Gugum known to the public, especially after the dance Jaipongan in 1980 staged at the central station TVRI Jakarta. The impact of the popularity of the more increase the frequency of performances, either on television, the celebration and feasts were held by the private sector and government.

Attendance Jaipongan substantial contribution to the activist art of dance for more active types of folk dances that explore previously less attention. With the emergence of dance Jaipongan, used by activists to hold a dance art dance classes Jaipongan, also used by employers as pubs, night-killer invited guests, where the further development of this kind of business opportunities created by actuators business of dance as an economic empowerment Dance Studio's name or groups in some areas of West Java, for example in Subang with Jaipongan style "kaleran" (north).

Jaipongan characteristic style kaleran, namely the fun, erotic, humorous, excitement, spontaneity, and simplicity (naturally, whatever they are). This is reflected in the pattern of presentation of dance on the show, there is a given pattern (Pattern Ibing) as in art Jaipongan in Bandung, also there are also dances that are not cut is (Ibing Saka), for example in art Jaipongan Subang and Karawang. This term can be found in Jaipongan kaleran style, especially in the area of Subang. In its presentation, this kaleran Jaipongan style, as follows: 1) Tatalu; 2) Flower Bluebird; 3) Fruit kawung Gopar; 4) Dance Opening (Ibing Pattern), usually sung by a single dancer or Sinden Tatandakan (sinden attack but can not sing but dance songs sinden / interpreter kawih) 5) Jeblokan and Jabanan, when the show is part of the audience (bajidor) sawer money (jabanan) while greeting stickers. Jeblokan term is defined as couples who settled between sinden and the audience (bajidor).

A further development occurred in taahun dance Jaipongan 1980-1990's, where Gugum Gumbira create other dances such as Toka-toka, Setra Sari, Sonteng, Pencug, Egret dazed, convoy, procession Codiaeum variegatum Leaves, Rawayan, and Dance kawung Anten. From these dances appeared several dancers Jaipongan reliable among others Iceu Effendi, Yumiati Mandiri, Miming Mintarsih, Nani, Erna, Mira Tejaningrum, Ine Dinar, Ega, Nuni, Cepy, Agah, Aa Suryabrata, and Asep.

This adult dance Jaipongan quotable as one identity keseniaan West Java, this is apparent on several important events relating to visitors from foreign countries who came to West Java, it was greeted with a dance performance Jaipongan. Similarly, art missions to foreign countries, always equipped with Jaipongan dance. Dance Jaipongan many other art-influenced art in the West Java communities, both in the performing arts, puppets, gamelan, Genjring / flying, Kacapi jaipongan, and almost all public performances as well as on modern dangdut music which is collaborated with the art Jaipong Pong-Dut. Jaipongan has diplopori by Mr. Nur & Leni

Reference: Ganjar Kurnia. 2003. Description of the West Javanese art. Department of Culture & Tourism in West Java, Bandung.

History of Batik in Indonesia

History of batik in Indonesia closely associated with the development and dissemination of Majapahit kingdom in Java to Islam. In some entries, the development of batik many times do the Mataram kingdom, then the kingdom of Solo and Yogyakarta.

So the arts of batik in Indonesia has been known since the time of Majapahit kingdom and continue to grow the government and the subsequent kings. Batik art in general to be widespread in Indonesia and in particular the Java quarter after the end of the century or the beginning of XVIII-XIX century.

However, batik technique itself has been known for decades (Millennium), probably derived from ancient Egyptian or Sumerian. It is widespread in several West African countries like Nigeria, Cameroon and Mali, or in Asia, like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Batik is all hand-produced until the early XX century and printed batik new only known after the First World War ended or around the year 1920.

Batik art is art photos on fabric for clothes as one of the kings of the family culture of Indonesia first time. Initially the activities of making batik is limited in the Kingdom and it is only produced for the clothes of the king and his chiefs. Because many of the speakers live outside the Kingdom, the art of batik was brought by them out of the kingdom and also created their own place.

Old-old art of batik is imitated by the masses and became more widespread employment of women in their families to fill my free time.

Among the materials used are tediri dye from plants in Indonesia, among others, made their own from: noni tree, height, Soga, Nila, and materials made from soda ash sodanya, as well as salt made from clay mud.

Article Source: Wikipedia

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Relations with the Occupational Safety and Health Employees' Productivity

An increasingly competitive business world requires that every company high to optimize all of its resources in order to provide products or services with high quality. Quality of products produced by a company closely linked to human resource factors which are owned by a company. Production factors contained in the company of such capital, machinery and materials can provide benefits if it has been processed human resources. Human resources as labor can not be separated from a variety of issues concerning safety and health at work.
A study conducted by the world body the International Labour Organization (ILO) concluded that on average each day 6,000 people died, this is equal to one staff person every 15 seconds or 2.2 million people every year due to illness or accident associated with their work. Views of gender, it is known that the number of men who died two times more than women, this is more due to more dominant men in high-risk job.
Thus, the occupational safety and health program (K3) and the productivity of employees has become very important to be studied and understood, because both factors have an influence on the productivity of the company in achieving its vision and mission objectives that have been determined.

Results of research has been done to the conclusion that:
In general, the implementation of K3 in companies which is the object of research is fair, indicating that these factors are analyzed namely K3 safety training, safety publications, working environment control, supervision and discipline, and increased awareness of K3, has been satisfactory.
It is generally recognized that employee productivity is fair, meaning that employees have a high employee productivity
There is a positive, highly significant and high correlation between safety and health of employees working with the productivity

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Most basic capital to entrepreneurs is the determination and courage to take and calculate risk. Without this, given the capital amounted to anything, will never become an entrepreneur. If we had such courage, we gave a chance how to manage a business well
This sentence made by Mr. Handito Joewono, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Education, Training, and Internships in the live event Kadin Indonesia Metro TV Special cooperation Higher Education Dialogue. Also featured as speakers in this event: Director General of Higher Education, Mr. Jalal and Mr. Agus Fasli Windarto, Lecturer of ITS.
According to Mr. Anggito to see the enthusiasm of the Indonesian students are actively involved in creating and displaying the best proposal to compete in the entrepreneurship program developed by the Higher Education student, convinces us that a lot of businessmen who will.
  "Moreover, this is a model of knowledge-based entrepreneurship and creativity. Ideas into their capital and money is only a bridge just said Mr. Agus Windarto.
It was nearly ten thousand students involved in student entrepreneurship package Dikti. This means that packets are competitive and it is estimated one in fifteen.
Mr Fasli said student entrepreneurship program that was started by the Higher Education is in the context of giving experiences and calculate the courage to take risks. "This also is in order to ensure fulfillment of the requirement of two years entrepreneurial experience, to gain regular access to capital" added the Mr. Fasli
Students have a clear plan, so that the business grows and funds continue to roll. To ensure sustainability, according to Director General there are colleges that put stock in an effort initiated by students. Some make one model, that for which it is successful will return the money into one place outside of government funds and used to help other students.
After two years of trying to do and develops according to the Director General will open the possibility of access to banking. "Bank Indonesia in some areas have been asked to banking circles that the 40 million packages entrepreneurship received by a team of entrepreneurial students can be assessed as 30 per cent equity. If running the banking business could come in with 70 per cent of shares of capital ".

Source: Dikti, accessed on July, 6, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

"Puncak" Regional Tourism in Bogor Indonesia

"Puncak " (in English it means Peak) is the name of a mountainous tourist area belonging to the region  Bogor Regency  and Cianjur Regency. This area is already very popular for tourists both domestic and foreign wiasatawan. This area is known as a resort town  Jakarta and as a regional tea garden built by the colonial government Netherlands. President stunning beauty of this area  Soekarno, so he built a restaurant to enjoy the natural beauty of the Peak, who later named Restaurant Riung Mt.

In addition, there are also places for recreation and agro tourism are wonderful, including Mount Mas and hang gliding (paragliding). "Puncak" (Peak) area there are also many interesting places such as Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia), Flower Garden, and there is a beautiful mosque with a distinctive architecture that is simple and Atta'awun Mosque. In this area there are also lots of  villas and   hotels owned by local people to place visitors.