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Monday, December 27, 2010

Tutorial Installing Smartpls Software

Based on the information that contained on the smartpls websites, known that SmartPLS is a software application for (graphical) path modeling with latent variables (LVP). The partial least squares (PLS)-method is used for the LVP-analysis in this software.

In the download area, the first beta-version is accessible (free of charge). A registration is required! The following new features are presented in the new release SmartPLS 2.0 (beta):

  • a completely re-engineered software application using the JAVA Eclipse Platform,
  • the option to easily extend the functionality of SmartPLS by JAVA Eclipse Plug-ins, and
  • a SmartPLS community to discuss all software and PLS related topics with other users and experts.

This is very useful software for do some research, especially if you want to do research in management. How to get this software? Based on information on the site, these are 4 steps how to get smartpls 2:

Step 1
Register with your TRUE IDENTITY in the SmartPLS Forum. You receive an E-Mail with your USSERNAME and PASSWORD.

Step 2
Your registration is CHECKED by the administrators. If approved (this is usually the case) your profile is ACTIVATED and you receive another E-Mail with your ACTIVATION KEY for the SmartPLS 2 software application.

Step 3
Log into the SmartPLS Forum (with your USSERNAME and PASSWORD) and get the SmartPLS 2 software application, sample data files, sample models as well as a video based user manual in the DOWNLOAD area.

Step 4
INSTALL/UNZIP the application on your computer system and START it. For the first start, you need to copy and paste your ACTIVATION KEY (that you received via E-Mail) into the SmartPLS 2 activation window.

Why register?

The SmartPLS community platform hosts different forums in order to provide information on SmartPLS and PLS-based LVP. These forums are not accessible for non registered persons. We insist on a “real world” user identity to ensure the professional and profound exchange of information.

Since summer 2010, the SmartPLS software application for PLS path modeling has more than 20,000 registered users.

If you want to register it now, kindly please click here
Till I post this article, I still try to understanding this software. One important thing before you run this application, you should have installing Java Environment on your computer or notebook. I try to search the handbook of smartpls on the internet. The best handbook of smartpls I will share it on my blog as soon as possible. Thanks


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