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Friday, December 17, 2010

Introduction to Management Information System

Right now I will discuss and sharing to you about the Management Information System course. This course is taught at universities that have a major in management. Hopefully this simple article can give benefit to all of us.

What is The Meaning of System?
The system is an interconnected group of components, working together to achieve a common goal by accepting inputs and producing outputs in an orderly process of transformation.

Management Information System
Management Information System is a series of sub-systems are comprehensive and coordinated information that rationally able to transform that data into information in various ways to improve productivity in accordance with the style and nature of managers

Theoretically, the computer is not an absolute prerequisite for a Management Information System, but in practice seems to be a belief that a good Management Information System will not run smoothly without the help of the ability of a computer.

Download the full article of Management Information System (Introduction), click here

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