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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Identifying What Management Is Needed

Nowadays, I publish this article about "Identifying What Management Is Needed" took from the Book "Tools For Managing Partnership in Development" as reference to learn Distance Learning Business and Management. 

All partnership-building and project implementation processes have certain core management needs, including:
  • Mediation between partners and other stakeholders.
  • Provision of a conduit for information and communication
  • Identification and mobilization of resources
  • A means of ensuring that quality standards are in place
  • Agreement on evaluation criteria and measures of success from th perspective of partners and stakeholders
  • A mechanism for recognizing and exposing exploitation or bad practice
Lets look in more details at two of these needs. First, mediation between partners and other stakeholders is a key need that involves:
  • Engaging them in all aspects of the partnership-building process; if necessary, facilitating partners meeting and acting as a 'go-between'
  • Monitoring and promoting the principles of equity, transparency and mutual benefit whitin the partnership
  • Developing strong working relationships with all stakeholders
  • Preparing stakeholders for the impact of any partnership activity
Secondly, acting as an effective communication conduit means that partners and stakeholders are fully informed of developments and other information affecting the partnership. It also ensures that different viewpoints, including sectoral or cultural conflicts of interest, are represented.
The larger the number of partners and/or stakeholders, the more attention will be directed to managing the process of partnership building. This is best undertaken by an individual acting as a partnership intermediary.

Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Get Your Paypal Account Verified?

As we know that Paypal is the safe way to pay online, with Paypal we could pay securely from our online purchases, send money quickly and easily, accepted worldwide, and easy to sign up and easy to use.
Having Paypal account, we have to verication our account with credit or debit card that accepted by Paypal. It could be a problem for us that might be do not have credit or debit card.
Now I am gonna tell you a little bit information how to get your Paypal account verified easily, fast and secure. To find out how to do it please feel free to click here
Good luck !