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Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are three files statistics lecture materials, lesson on September 24, 2010. This files I dedicated special for all my friends on IPB Graduate School. Sorry if I am late to upload it and also sorry if my blog contain a lot of ads...
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DOWNLOAD Statistics Descriptive Slide, Click Here
DOWNLOAD Dummy Questionnaire, Click Here
DOWNLOAD Data Dummy Questionnaire, Click Here

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Training Ourselves Patience

Have you ever heard the term "Patience People loved the Lord"? I am sure you must have heard it before. My article today is about patience and how to train ourselves patience. I though this article from various sources on the internet. Hopefully this post can give benefit to me and to you.
Patience is an important trait that allows us to persevere and remain focused in matters of daily living. Here are some exercises to help you train your patience.
First Exercise:
1. Take a piece of cardboard, about the size of a large sheet of 8x11 in paper.
2. Cut a hole in the cardboard, about the size of an ink-stain (about an inch in diameter)
3. Seat yourself comfortably, then take the cardboard by the lower rim between your thumb and index finger, the arm well extended out from the body
4. Look through the ink-stain on the paper so the stain is exactly enclosed, with none of the white surface appearing to the eye. Focus all your attention on the hole you made, and let not a speck of white appear to your eyes.
5. For the first few times you practice this, do not exceed twenty seconds. After you gain more experience, you may extend the time, little by little. Do not exceed 20 seconds on your first few trials.
6. The key is to be very exact in this experiment, with no speck of white appearing to the eye during the exercise

Second Exercise:
1. Similar to the First Exercise, only this time take a sheet of paper instead of a piece of cardboard.
2. Do as in the First Exercise. You must try to keep the paper stiff while trying to focus your eyes on the hole. If the paper bends, try the exercise over again. Do the same exercise as in the First Exercise, but with the additional challenge of keeping the paper stiff.

Third Exercise:
1. Trace a straight horizontal line on a wall
2. Fill a glass of water to a third of an inch of the brim, and hold it toward the bottom, so that the water will be on a level with the line traced on the wall
3. You must ensure that the surface of the water will not deviate from the line
4. Hold the glass at arm's length from the body till you fell tired.
5. With practice, this exercise can be done without the slightest stirring of water. Gradually increase the duration you can do this

Fourth Exercise:
1. Fill the glass now to the very top and repeat the Third Exercise. Now fill the glass full of water...
2. If the water overflows, try again

Fifth Exercise:
1. After filling the glass to the brim, hold it up from the bottom by the thumb and fourth finger for two seconds. Fill the glass full to the brim
2. Move it slowly from right to left, keeping its brim level with the line on the wall.

After five exercises that I inform you, now I will inform you, some tips are useful in trying the exercises that I has been give to you.
1. The very first few times you try these exercises, you might fail. Do not let it discourage you. Try again.
2. Perseverance in trying these exercises will eventually help you overcome your nervousness, as you will have much occasion dealing with this during your repeated trials

Alright, I think enough for this times. Hopefully I can continue again next time, sharing knowledge to you all, as a part of my purposes to make this Distance Learning Business and Management blogs.