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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guaranteach: The Best Solution To Learn Math and Algebra Effectively

There is no overdue word to learn, that is my principle in learning the science. Possible of us is often meets with difficulty, but don't make that difficulty as burden but make as challenge to be faced. In general we often say that the science which is difficult to learn is mathematics. That thing is in fact less precisely, learn the mathematics not difficult if we learn diligently and often exercise with the problem manner.
To be able to more comprehending of mathematics hence we require tuition of mathematician able to give us Math help.  In principle learn the mathematics is learning the algebra that is studying the calculation and numbers. The Calculation form studied in algebra is like addition, reduction, division, multiplication, root, square, and others. Rather difficult to comprehend the mathematics and algebra was otherwise assisted by mathematician and algebra expert.
This matter understandable, because learning the mathematics and algebra cannot only do by individually or with only reading books. Thereby hence we require expert which give the tuition and aid to us in studying the mathematics and algebra with interest is easy to comprehend.
Not just Math help we also need Algebra help from the expert to make us studying mathematics (math) and Algebra easily.
A few days ago when I use internet in my home, I found the best solution how to get helps and guides for us to learn mathematics (math) and Algebra easily. I found Guaranteach a website that giving the aid to us in studying the mathematics, algebra, calculation, and various other sciences. Learn math and algebra with Guaranteach is so comfortable and effectively gives us Online Tutoring on studying math and Algebra, pleasant very and valuable very. Appearance of this website is very attractive and capture and also a lot of positive comment of peoples who have tried the aid learn the mathematics and algebra through Guaranteach, so they give their positive testimony about Guaranteach.
Studying on Guaranteach we do not have to pay expensive the tutor that often paid by hour like usually before. Guaranteach gives us Math Help and Algebra Help with less price just only $9.95 they will gives us Unlimited Tutorial on Math for an entire month. Wow it is incredible! I never found any Tutor like Guaranteach that will gives me Math help and Algebra Help, with less price and amazing tutoring. 
If you interest to get helps on math and algebra, I suggest you visit Guaranteach on and contact them immediately. Never late to study, we have to be always improving our skills and knowledge, so we will be able to get in competition in this global market.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fight Against Illiteracy as My Social Activity as Lecturer at STIE Dewantara Bogor

As a lecturer I have three obligation, that is:
1. Teaching and Education
2. Research
3. Social Activity (Empowering people)
In this semester I give lecture to my students about Statistics and Management Information System. On Statistics class, the students are 100% fresh graduated from senior high school and I often call them regular class. On management information system class, the students are mix from regular class and irregular class; I often call them executive class because commonly the students are employee.

I make a plan in this semester I have to make at least one research on marketing (marketing research), the topics could be about positioning, marketing mix, distribution, place, pricing, or about promotion.
Now I just want to share about my experience in my social activity empowering people on Fight against Illiteracy in Kabupaten Bogor in years 2008.

This photo tell a story concerning school activity informally in a cloistered countryside in Bogor
Activity of eradication of this illiteracy entangle local tutor energies. This husband and wife spouse is local tutor which give the instruction read and write into local resident.

This photo show the activity one of the resident that trying so hard and learning to write on the black board "Good luck Grand Ma"

It’s me In this photo (wearing batik) take a photo together with the Tutor and the resident

I think enough for this time, next time Insya Allah I will continue my experience as a lecturer and I will post another story to you.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mechanisms For Partnership Organizations

Partnership Organizations has seven mechanisms, I know it from The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum and published in The book Tools for managing partnership in development.
That seven mechanisms are:
1. Public sector-led partnership initiative 
Structure established and (in part) funded by the public sector, with a focus on policy charges
2. Business campaign organizations 
Issue-based programme seeking to draw attention to a cause and promote charges in attitude or behaviour
3. Business coalition for social development
Membership-driven organization whose members are from business associations
4. NGO established by business
Vehicle for business to invest in social or environmental programme
5. NGO working with other sector
Organization that actively pursues its goals with partners from other sectors
6. NGO working as an intermediary
Organization that positions it self as an intermediary operating between partners and other stakeholders
7. Academia-led cross-sector initiative

Structure designed to integrate academic knowledge with practical needs and skills
Note: NGO in Indonesia known as LSM
How formal does a partnership have to be? There are vary opinions on this. Typically, a partnership its early stages does not require a formal contract-the relationship and collaborative work can often develop better with greater freedom to test out ideas. A simple memorandum of understanding may be sufficient in the first instance. Formal agreements are more appropriate as the relationship develops and become essential at the stage when significant resource commitments are required.

Whatever methods you choose to consult stakeholders, I suggest you to always remembering these 4 simply tips:
1. Ask clear and appropriate questions
2. Explain what you are doing and why (the reason you doing that)
3. Listen to what you are told
4. Give feedback

Friday, October 2, 2009

Planning and Resourcing Partnership (Part 1)

Partnership is a cross-sector alliance in which individuals, groups or organizations agree to: work together to fulfill an obligation or undertake a specific task; share the risks as well as the benefits; and review the relationship regularly, revising their agreement as necessary.
The process of planning and resourcing cross-sector partnerships includes:
1. Deciding what you want to do
2. Identifying partners
3. Agreeing core principles
4. Formalizing the partnership
5. Setting objectives
6. Engaging other stakeholders
7. Planning for action
8. Mobilizing resources
9. Reviewing and revising
To be continued ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Batik is Belongs to Indonesia

Batik is belongs to Indonesia. UNESCO as an international broad also said that Batik is belongs to Indonesia, Batik is not belongs to another countries.
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as President of Indonesia making decision that every October 2nd is the Indonesian Batik's day.

Lets tell to all people in the world that Batik is Belongs to Indonesia 

Do you love and like Batik like the pictures shown in this Blog? Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country.
Visit Indonesia, you can discover so many culture and amazing views in Indonesia. Many places in Indonesia that are so beautiful, like Bali with the beautiful sanur beach, Bandung with the awesome Gedung Sate, Jakarta with the Monas, Bogor with the food vacation, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatera, and so many more