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Sunday, August 15, 2010

malaysian police do some provocative: do arrest Three Indonesian peoples and shoot them

Diplomatic relations between the two countries, namely Indonesia and Malaysia re-heated. Malaysia detained three Indonesian fisheries inspection officer after the arrest of seven events that stole Malaysian fishermen fish in waters of the Republic of Indonesia.

On Sunday night, dated August 15, 2010, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Republic of Indonesia namely Mr. Fadel Muhammad, accompanied by the Directorate General of Monitoring and Control of Marine Resources and Fisheries (P2SDKP) namely Mr. Aji Sularso provide information about the incident.

Both incidents memamaparkan chronological events based on a report the Police Directorate of Kasi Bin Gakkum Polda Riau Islands Waters, Adjunct Commissioner Ade Kuncoro. The report is based on the testimony of Supervisory Fishery Hermanto Tanjung Balai Karimun. Here is the sequence or chronology:

On Friday, dated August 13, 2010 at 10:30 pm, Supervisory Fishery Tanjung Balai Karimun Dolphin Boat 015 prepare to Batam to conduct joint patrols. Batam fisheries supervisors received information from the public there is a foreign-flagged fishing vessel fishing in Malaysian waters about rafting.

At approximately 14:00 pm, boat manned by three members of the Dolphin 015 DKP Satker Tanjung Balai Karimun, to go to Batam.

At 19:00 AM, 015 Ship Dolphin to move to the location of the target. There, they spotted a foreign fishing vessel is Malaysian-flagged fishing in Indonesian waters territory. The boat was then escorted to Batam. Three officers escorted ride on the ship.

At 22:00 pm, a patrol boat suddenly facing the Malaysian Marine Police. Malaysian police ordered members of the DKP in Boat Dolphin 015 to rise above their ship. Request denied. One of the officers, Hermanto explain the Malaysian-flagged vessel were arrested because they catch fish in Indonesian waters territory. Malaysian Marine Police patrol vessel did not respond.

Then, the Marine Police Patrol Ship Malaysia issued a warning shot. 015 Dolphin Ship captain fled towards the lamp rafting. Meanwhile, foreign-flagged fishing vessel was escorted by three Malaysian men were arrested by members of the DKP Marine Police Patrol Ship Malaysia.

"The boat was too small, not armed. I have yet to check whether the officers were armed, there were armed with pistols, but not all officers are armed," continued Aji Sularso.

After the tension died down, the two ships freed prisoners negotiate with each other. However, no agreement. Each brings home detention.

Dolphin vessel arrived at Pier 015 Water Pol Dit Sekupang Batam Riau Islands Police to carry out coordination as well as reporting the incident.

Indonesian fishing vessel arrested seven nationals of Malaysia. They are Muslims Bin Mahmud, a resident of Johor, Malaysia; Roszaidy Akkub Bin, Johor residents; Ghazali Bin Wahab, a resident Renggit River, Johor, Faisal Mohammad, a resident of Johor Endau; Boh Khee soo, the people of Johor; Lim Kok Guan; and Cheng Ah choy , residents renggit River, Johor, Malaysia.

Three people mentioned above Satker members detained by the Malaysian Marine Police, Hermanto, members Satker PSDKP Tanjung Balai Karimun; Ridwan, Satker PSDKP Tanjung Balai Karimun, and Rudi, satker PSDKP Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Source article: VIVA

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Andhra Pradesh said...

This kind of incidents are unfortunate and not good for International Relations. Good Info. keep it up.