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Monday, August 23, 2010

Qory Sandioriva Video on YouTube

A few days ago I visited a video sharing site that is YouTube. It turns out that the site was no splashy video and become a conversation. The YouTube video is a video that shows the preliminary round in the Miss Universe 2010 beauty pageant by Miss Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva, which turned out to get tough criticism. This is due in the play offs where Qory must answer a few questions submitted by the jury with using the English language that can not be answered properly and smoothly by Qory. In fact, some comments on the site that mention the extreme if Qory can not speak English. I think that comment was too harsh and inappropriate.
Qory Sandioriva video on YouTube that was posted on August 15 has been viewed over 23 thousand times and get hundreds of comments from visitors to the site. There are a variety of comments, ranging from insulting to give moral support to Qory.

I think it could happen probably because it was too groggy or for other reasons, Qory answer the question with an English interviewer that is not too good. Qory Sandioriva which is the winner of Puteri Indonesia 2010 contest was in my opinion has a good ability in speaking English. High pressure level contests in the world can cause a person to become nervous and can not show their best performance. This is common as human beings, all people may experience nervous when in a tense atmosphere. Nevertheless I hope that events like this can be minimized from the start, so mentally in a match at international contests can become more resilient. Indonesia Hot News so this time I told you, hopefully we can take lessons from this incident there in order to improve the quality of our education.

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jaenal arifin said...

From this story I can conclude that the language is a communication tool. Just a tool to convey the thoughts feelings and needs and so forth. How important it is for us in communicating speaking in bahasa .. The most challenging thing in the english use of the blog ... this man makes me interested and want to learn to use the english language vocabulary ... although I would not either .... learning continues ... Thank you father raised my spirits agai