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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Slash (Rock Guitarist) Photos Concert in Indonesia 2010

Recently I was so busy and do not have enough time to post an articles about distance learning business and management or about the beauties of my country, Indonesia. Today I want to share news about SLASH that held a live concert in Indonesia (Surabaya and Jakarta). I really want to watch the concert, but I do not have enough time and opportunity to watch it. From the internet ( than I found these few pictures/photos SLASH live concert in Indonesia 2010 (Surabaya and Jakarta). Hopefully these photos could describes the show (SLASH live concert in Indonesia 2010). Okay friends, proudly I write this article under labels Indonesia News and Indonesia Today.
Slash performing his guitar skills in Indonesia audience
Although this is his solo performs in Indonesia, but SLASH also play a few song from Guns and Roses
He is looks fatter than past years isn't it? But SLASH still rock the stage. He's skill is awesome, SLASH could play melody with high speed.
 In this concert, SLASH also brings Miles Kenedy (Alter Bridge Vocalist) to become his vocalist on the concert.
a few rock star like Sandy Pas Band, Kaka Slank, Andy Rif etc. also contribute on SLASH concert in Indonesia. They are perform as a opening band and they plays music so awesome. 


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