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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Small Note About Tsuki, am I right?

A few days ago, I was curious at a Yahoo Messenger's account from my smart student Amelia. Amelia has a short name Amelia_Tsuki, I wondered who exactly was Tsuki?. As usual, I find out the information on the internet. After a few minutes, finally I found a little note about Tsuki. A small note about "Rabbit in the Moon", have a nice time to read this simple article.
When I started reading stories about Tsuki, I remember with a Japanese cartoon movie titled "Sailormoon". The main actors of "Sailormoon" is a girl who has the name Usagi Tsukino (in Japanese read Tsukino Usagi). I just realized that the Usagi always have items with pictures of rabbits, it was because Usagi is a rabbit in Japanese.

Usagi Tsukino is an ordinary girl before she was given the power to be Sailormoon. And as Sailormoon, she and the other sailor friends struggled to defend the truth, with the power of the moon. The famous words of Usagi / Sailormoon is "By the power of the moon, will punish you!".

At the end of the story, Sailormoon transformed into Princess Serenity (eventually became Queen Serenity), daughter of the Kingdom of the Moon. For information, Serenity is the name of the largest lakes on the Moon.

As shown, the name and location of characters in this story are related. The family name is Usagi Tsuki (Moon), he is a Sailormoon, and transformed into Princess Serenity. So what to do with Usagi (rabbit)? This question actually has arisen in my mind ten years ago, and I immediately knew the answer given by a friend.

Usagi's name is Tsukino Usagi. If we ignore the form of the kanji letters (frankly, I do not know how the form of starch from Tsukino Usagi) we will see a fragment of the word Tsuki no Usagi, or, if interpreted in Bahasa Indonesian to Rabbit Moon. Japanese people always see the RABBIT in MONTHS. Do not believe? please you see for yourself!. I've included pictures so you can look at the moon closely to find a rabbit in there.
When the Japanese see a rabbit in the moon, the Maduraneese to see a widow who was sewing in there. The widow is a mother who abandoned her child, her mother missed her son so he decided to look for her son. However, although the mother is looking for it everywhere, her son never found. Finally, he decided to sit down and sew on the moon, waiting for his son saw it and returned home to her.

Indeed cultural differences lead to differences in circulating myths. However, it does not matter as long as we can understand the moral message brought by the myths it.

Well ... now I say, "good-looking rabbit and a widow who was sewing in the month.

Note small and light to answer the curiosity of a small name Amelia_Tsuki. Was this article is correct?
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amelia said...

These articles are absolutely right sir, I really idolized this film, until now I have several collections of this character.
thank you for these articles, made me think back to my cartoon idol in childhood:)
it's the reason why I use the name the initials "tsuki", because I really like the sailormoon (Usagi tsukino).
I am very glad this article could be fit:)


amelia said...

??This article is absolutely right sir, I really liked this cartoon, sailormoon is my idol from childhood, until now I still have a collection of this character.that the reason why I use inisial'tsuki'because I really liked the character of Usagi tsukino.
Thank you sir for these articles:)

Xavier said...

nice article buddy, by the way who is amelia exactly? It's so glad for me if you post more information about your student.

Budi Setiawan said...

@Amelia: thanks for your comment, nice to know that the contain of this article is true.. ^_^ Sailormoon will be the next topic that I will write down on this humble blog

@Xavier: Thanks for blogwalking, Amelia is one of my best student here in Indonesia, smart and friendly girl...

imelda said...

i was here after a long time how are u