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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Relations with the Occupational Safety and Health Employees' Productivity

An increasingly competitive business world requires that every company high to optimize all of its resources in order to provide products or services with high quality. Quality of products produced by a company closely linked to human resource factors which are owned by a company. Production factors contained in the company of such capital, machinery and materials can provide benefits if it has been processed human resources. Human resources as labor can not be separated from a variety of issues concerning safety and health at work.
A study conducted by the world body the International Labour Organization (ILO) concluded that on average each day 6,000 people died, this is equal to one staff person every 15 seconds or 2.2 million people every year due to illness or accident associated with their work. Views of gender, it is known that the number of men who died two times more than women, this is more due to more dominant men in high-risk job.
Thus, the occupational safety and health program (K3) and the productivity of employees has become very important to be studied and understood, because both factors have an influence on the productivity of the company in achieving its vision and mission objectives that have been determined.

Results of research has been done to the conclusion that:
In general, the implementation of K3 in companies which is the object of research is fair, indicating that these factors are analyzed namely K3 safety training, safety publications, working environment control, supervision and discipline, and increased awareness of K3, has been satisfactory.
It is generally recognized that employee productivity is fair, meaning that employees have a high employee productivity
There is a positive, highly significant and high correlation between safety and health of employees working with the productivity

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farid santosa said...

di dalam suatu perusahaan yang optimal yang ingin menghasilkan suatu perusahaan terkait erat dengan sumber daya manusia harus memiliki jiwa yang berani. tapi, tidak harus jiwa berani aja, kita juga mesti memiliki jiwa ingin maju dan ingin tau.
didalam perusahaan pasti ada k3 apa lagi kalau perusahaan itu menggunakan tenaga dan energi kita, pastilah harus seimbang antara energi dan tenaga. jadi kalau ingin selamat dalam kesehatan kita harus mengikuti aturan yang diberikan oleh perusahaan.