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Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Open Microsoft Office 2003 on Microsoft Office 2007

Today, Microsoft Office 2007 has been widely used, both among individuals and organizations. However, not a few users who still use Microsoft Office 2003 version with a variety of reasons. In general, the reason people are still using version 2003 is due to the 2007 version of the view that has a different view with the version of 2003, so that (probably) make it difficult for those who have been accustomed to using version 2003.
Problems is the 2007 version of Microsoft Office files can not be opened in the 2003 version, as it is known that in 2007 extensionnya version added "x" as docx (Word), PPTX (PowerPoint), xlsx (excel).
Alhamdulillah .. from internet search results I found a converter software that can make Microsoft Word version 2007 files can be opened in Microsoft Word version 2003.

The tricks are:

* Download the converter software that I prepare through Ziddu hosting, please click here
* Install the program
* Re-start your computer
* Open your Microsoft Word 2003
* In Microsoft Word 2003 window, you click File-> Open
* For files of type, select All Files, then select File in Word 2007 that you will open.
* Click open .. Insya Allah Word 2007 files can be opened in Word 2003 version
* Consider the following image :

(see that given a red circle)
 I hope this article can be useful
Best Regards Budi Setiawan The Publisher of Diktat Kuliah Manajemen

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