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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Statistics College Tutoring

My daily activities are as an employee and as a teacher that give lecture and tutorial about object statistics on one of famous Business School majoring in management in Indonesia. Some of my students told me that Statistics is difficult to learn and to understand, and some of them found statistics problems that not usually same as with the theory in the books or modules that I had given to them. My students often do some interaction in the class and gave me some statistics questions. It’s really interesting and awesome to have students with good attitude and thinking critical in the classroom. They told me that studying Statistics with me is so fun and not boring, because I often gave them statistics help, guides them well on every case on all about statistics.
My definition about statistics is a body of some methods and theory applied to numerical evidence in making inferences in the face of uncertainty. According to my definition above, actually in our daily activities is can not separated with statistics. Statistics can give us the answer about numerical facts, that’s the statistics answer. My definition of statistics indicates that it can be a powerful tool for analyzing numerical data. This is what makes it so crucial in the sciences, engineering, education and business.
My statistics students gave me some opinion that to learn statistics easily and up to date, they need more practice with the newest cases about statistics. As a feedback from their opinion to me, so I browse the internet with my computer than I found, this website offering an incredible tutorial about statistics. Wow, I think is the best statistics tutor online I ever know. In 24 hours a week gives us free statistics help for all subjects, like descriptive and inferential statistics, frequency distributions and summary measures, chi-square applications, and many more. If you need more information about this website, I suggest you visit and contact them on their website.

I think enough for this time, I hope you (especially my statistics students) never give up to learning about statistics, because learning statistics is really useful to be implemented to our daily activities. With the help of, I hope you can learn about statistics easily. As Florence Nightingale said, “The true foundation of theology is to ascertain the character of God. It is by the aid of Statistics that law in the social sphere can be ascertained and codified, and certain aspects of the character of God thereby revealed. The study of statistics is thus a religious service”.


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