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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thesis Writing Technique

Thesis Writing Technique (Teknik Penulisan Skripsi)

Thesis is a student scientific paper, which was created as one of the requirements for obtaining a degree at a college. In the execution of some students often find it difficult to write and compile well, in accordance with the Guidelines for Thesis Writing in effect on campus. This may be due to students lack a good understanding of research methodology, which has a pivotal role in preparing the thesis. The lack of reference sources owned by students, university students were also added to the difficulties in writing and preparing her thesis. Students' writing in order to obtain good results, it looks prepared / made based on thesis writing guidelines that have been determined

Settlement procedures:
A. Students conduct consultation with the Chairman of the Study Program, the plan of doing thesis research
B. Study program explaining or answering questions or things that are consulted by students
C. Thesis proposal seminar
D. The process of supervision by the supervising theses
E. Students can apply or register to implement Thesis Examination Council (after the approved and signed by their thesis supervisors) to the Assembly Committee no later than one week prior to the implementation of the council and meet all requirements of the exam session

The contents consist of the thesis:
 To be continued

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