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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The best dictionary of American English

If we learn about English, we are also learning about reading comprehension. Recently I read a book about reading comprehension that included a lot of section. Some of the section is designed to measure our ability to read and understand short passages similar in topic and style to those that students are likely to encounter in North American universities and colleges. I often was facing a diagnostic pre-test about American English, so that why I need the best dictionary of American English. I need it because I recently read books that English literate
To understand the story I really need an American dictionary, because the story was written on American English style. Nowadays I have discussed a nice topic about the game of Mount Everest puzzle. My friends are the owner of the game and I often borrow it. I discuss it with my friends and especially about crossword puzzle that included on the game.  My friends told me that to get easier learning about American English that often being there in any literate, we also have to know about audio dictionary. With helps from audio dictionary we can easier to learn and knowing about American English.
My friends told me that they know a good dictionary of American English. on the internet that will helps us understand about American English by online. It is amazing for me to get more exploration from the expert and I can get a perfect answer from any of my questions about the most searched words. So I strongly recommend to you to visit you will find all what you want about the best dictionary of American English ever have.


NURA said...

salam sobat
trims kunjungannya ke S.A.
ini blog tentang business dan management,,the best,,,
semoga sukses selalu.

Download Gratis said...

thanks atas kunjungannya. ini kunjungan balik.

imelda said...

visiting from my blofroll how are u ffiend? i hope u do visit me back too

santie Afianti said...

Nice and very-very usefull info Mr. Budi..
My knowledge about American English is not to good.. so, when i read your post today, i know what can i do and also learning about American English.

Learning about American English is very important especially for me, because i was make some story or literate and i want to use American language, so i must have to learn a lot..

fonika said...

great info, as always, sir

been visited the lexiology, love the crosswords puzzles. it is improving my vocabs. very useful if i want to have a deeper interacticity with my american colleague


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Budi,

Thanks a lot for the info.
i think lexiology has complete of everything to learn. it can rise up our ability to master English well.
again thanks.

best regards,
anton wicaksono P.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Budi,

talking about, i think it's just useful for those who has good ability in english including good in grammar, good in reading comprehension, etc.
i am dead sure for person with very good grammar like Mr. Budi, it's not a matter at all. he he he...
please advise.
thanking you in advance.

warm regards,
anton wicaksono p.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Budi,

it was very nice article.
however i think it's not so useful for the beginner. please advise is there any info of web site that will be useful for the beginner to learn english.
thanks before

anton wicaksono p.

anton said...

Dear Mr. Budi,

i am very impressed with your English skill. it's excellent, both grammar & writing.
i think besides as a statistic lecturer,you are completely proper to be an English lecturer as well.
thanks before for all the info & knowledge that can be gotten from all of the articles & info.

anton wicaksono p.