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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mechanisms For Partnership Organizations

Partnership Organizations has seven mechanisms, I know it from The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum and published in The book Tools for managing partnership in development.
That seven mechanisms are:
1. Public sector-led partnership initiative 
Structure established and (in part) funded by the public sector, with a focus on policy charges
2. Business campaign organizations 
Issue-based programme seeking to draw attention to a cause and promote charges in attitude or behaviour
3. Business coalition for social development
Membership-driven organization whose members are from business associations
4. NGO established by business
Vehicle for business to invest in social or environmental programme
5. NGO working with other sector
Organization that actively pursues its goals with partners from other sectors
6. NGO working as an intermediary
Organization that positions it self as an intermediary operating between partners and other stakeholders
7. Academia-led cross-sector initiative

Structure designed to integrate academic knowledge with practical needs and skills
Note: NGO in Indonesia known as LSM
How formal does a partnership have to be? There are vary opinions on this. Typically, a partnership its early stages does not require a formal contract-the relationship and collaborative work can often develop better with greater freedom to test out ideas. A simple memorandum of understanding may be sufficient in the first instance. Formal agreements are more appropriate as the relationship develops and become essential at the stage when significant resource commitments are required.

Whatever methods you choose to consult stakeholders, I suggest you to always remembering these 4 simply tips:
1. Ask clear and appropriate questions
2. Explain what you are doing and why (the reason you doing that)
3. Listen to what you are told
4. Give feedback


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